Our Student Program: Farm Activities

Our aim at Zangarna is conservation of our beautiful wildlife and nature. We have a mission and vision for the farm to preserve it as best we can for generations to come. Our farm management plan is scientifically worked out to optimise carrying capacity and conservation of the farm and surrounding areas.

Farm Activities includes:

Fence patrols and maintenance

These patrols are necessary to monitor the possible movement of animals in and out of the area. Also to look for unauthorised entry onto the property, this is a form of anti- poaching.
Some animals like warthogs and porcupines dig holes under the fence. Part of the patrol is to cover up these holes as you do not want larger animals to be able to crawl through as well.

Road clearing and maintenance

Dirt roads need constant repair, this include :

  • cutting back over hang branches
  • removal of large stumps
  • removal of rocks
  • constructing drains to keep water off the roads
  • shaping the roads with tractor and grader
  • smoothing road surface by dragging old tractor tyres to remove corrugation
  • cutting grass with Tractor and slasher.
Maintenance on waterholes

In addition to the river and dams there area artificial waterholes, these waterholes need maintenance from time to time as a water pipe might burst of a the cement water trough might leak. This work is more monitoring and ad hoc work where required.

Maintenance on structures

General maintenance of any buildings, hides, tanks stands. This type of work vary from fixing leaky roof or painting or refurbishment where needed.

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