Our Experience Program: Farm Activities

Animal care as well as the guests well-being requires the farm structures to remain in a very good condition. As a volunteer you will help your instructor with the farm maintenance.

To ensure the conservation of Zangarna dense wildlife you will be in charge of animal monitoring by checking the fences and waterholes regularly.

As Zangarna also relies on its hospitality activity, general maintenance of buildings, roads and the swimming pool is a day to day activity.

Farm Activities includes:

Fence patrols

Driving and walking around the fences is necessary to monitor the possible movement of animals in and out.
Some animals like warthogs and porcupines dig holes under the fence. Part of the patrol is to cover up these holes as you do not want larger animals to be able to crawl through.

In addition, looking for unauthorised entry onto the property is a form of anti-poaching.


Road clearing

In order to navigate safely and easily in the 1000 hectares of the farm, maintaining the road is essential. This includes:

  • Clearing the roads removing branches, stumps or rocks.
  • Shaping the surface with tractor and grader.
  • Constructing drains to keep water off the roads.


Checking the waterholes

In addition to the river there are artificial waterholes for the animals. It is necessary to check that are no leaks on the waterholes and pipes.


General maintenance

This includes maintenance of any buildings, hides, or tank stands. This type of work varies from fixing a leaky roof, painting or refurbishment.


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