Our Experience Program: Bush Training 

Zangarna Farm offers extraordinary wildlife diversity such as giraffe, kudu, impala, warthog and zebra to name but a few. Part of your voluntary work will include monitoring the movement of mammals. To do so, you will identify the various species and determine farm population sex and age demographics.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating birdlife and recognize the sights and sounds of some of the 250 bird species found on our farm.

Get to know some useful tracking skills such as astronomy and animal tracks identification.


Bush Training includes:

Mammal identifying

Theoretical and practical training on the identifying of the general African wildlife species, focusing on identifying the differences between male and female and also ageing the various species. This knowledge is to put into practice on the game transects to determine the animal population’s sex and age demographics on the various game farms.

Bird identifying

Bird identification is a great skill to acquire. The species diversity and density can be interpreted to monitor the ecosystem’s health. Birds have evolved to fulfil different niches in the ecosystem and the fluctuation of their populations can be used as system health indications.

Tree and Grass identifying

The vegetation of the area determines the type and amount of species that the farm can sustain. Ecological processes like drought, flood and fire impact the vegetation as do the animals themselves. A constant monitoring of this balance is vital to the managing of a healthy game farm. Vegetation surveys are done seasonally when it is easier to identify the different grass and tree species (generally February and March).

Tracks and Sign identifying

Many animals are not often seen because they are secretive or nocturnal. For this reason, interpreting their tracks and signs left behind is the best mean to monitor them.

Basic Astronomy

To identify some of the easy recognisable constellations is again a great life skill to learn. It can help with navigation and even telling the time of day.

bush training in south africa
bush training in south africa student program
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Disceret vatibus in disceret uxori.

Learn the skills of a tracker as you monitor the movement of the various species of animals.

You will be taught some basic ‘survival skills’ in a wild environment.

Impose your knowledge of vegetation, grass and trees.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating birdlife and learn to recognise the sights and sound of some of our 250 species found on the farm.

Learn the basic handling of a bow & arrow.